Meet the Team.


We are a very dedicated team here at Airport Secure Parking

You will always find our employees properly attired, with a smile and ready to assist you. As no job is to big where you "the customer" is concerned.  This includes help with a Flat Battery, Flat Tyres, or any other issues you may encounter.Our Team


Our sole aim is to provide you "the customer" with the most efficient parking experience on the Isle of Man.




Our full range of services are as follows:


If your low on fuel A.S.P. can fill your vehicle for the price of the fuel and a small additional fee of £5.00.

Flat battery – we will boost your battery and start your vehicle to get you home.
(no extra charge)

Flat tyres – A.S.P. will pump up any flat tyres to get your vehicle ready for your return home. (no extra charge)

As well as arranging for paintwork repairs with one of our associated companies.
(at a small extra charge), we are now offering Bodywork repairs quotes (this can be done if your away more than a few days) to the highest specification by our bodywork repairer. While you are off island we'll obtain a repair quote for you.

For valet costs see our valet page for prices.


Airport Secure Parking, Isle of Man